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Posted by Darrin Wilkinson on September 23, 2015 at 9:25 PM

With the successful low pressure test being signed off and smiles all around, the steam team are in full swing assembling and restoring/manufacturing components for our little loco “Donald"


We are lucky to have the dedication of a number of members who, some are putting in 6 days a week into the restoration. One thing the public need to remember and we have this in all railway groups is that our valuable members are mostly retired and in their late 60's and older.


The photo below is a photo of 2 such members who are very valuable to our society along with everyone else who has a skill or expertise in some field.

YES WE HAVE STEAM!! Gary Coburn (L) and John Stichbury show their delight as the boiler produces steam to blow the whistle.


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