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Mock cab fitted to Donald.

Posted by Darrin Wilkinson on October 12, 2015 at 8:00 PM

As our steam team works steadily towards the full restoration of Donald - one part  that was  missing which is a huge part of the locomotive - The Cab. From historic photos, the restoration crew have designed and constructed a wooden plywood mock-up of the cab to play around with and make the locomotive as authentic as we can.  The locomotive cab will be steel and look the true part as she did all those years ago. Below and above  are photo of progress to date 12th October 2015.

Please note all the steam cab fittings are now in place and looking the part.

The crew are working on this project nearly 7 days a week. Huge progress has been undertaken since the FRONZ Conference.

No date has been officially set yet for the recommission of Donald – But the restoration team have a date in mind and are working rapidly towards that date.

Soon, in the not too distant future, the people of Blenheim and the world will hear the little loco working down the Riverside Railway. 

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