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Posted by Darrin Wilkinson on October 17, 2015 at 6:40 AM

Date - 17 November 2015.

This week has seen a massive push to the resortation of our loco.  The cab has now been fully built as a mock up and will soon be going to an engineering company in Bleneheim to fabrication. 

Photo above - Mock up nearing completion.The plywood cab mock-up. This very neat job has had a big input from Brian Edgar, with Gary and John working on the design. Once they are happy with it, it will be transported to Cuddon Engineering. They will make a steel duplicate for DONALD.

Above  - Mock-up cab interior. Note the boiler sight glasses that John was able to rebuild.

Above - A view of the loco tender frame. This a creative work of art from Gary, supported by his helpers who cut and grind the many components.

Above - This shows the auxiliary steam engine at left coupled to the reconditioned air compressor. Some more smart engineering by John. This will run off steam from the boiler, to run the air brake system for the loco, tender and carriages.

Below - The rebuilt twist trolley nears completion. This project is being built by Ralph, with help from Gavin and Gary. Once painted, it will be used by the track inspectors.

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