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New Zealand

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Locomotives and Railcar.

 The Blenheim Riverside Railway Society is fortunate to be in the position of owning and operating a collection of Locomotives and Railcar.

The Society owns four locomotives and one railcar.

Below is a description of these with technical details and photos 

A & G Price

Number 166  -  Built 1951

Original Owner - State Coal - Ohai  - Southland


 This locomotive is the mainstay of our fleet. Used primary on the scheduled Sunday runs and on the increasing charters.

There is a second locomotive of the same model located at the Totara Springs Camp and a third believed to be buried in Ohai.


 Ruston and Hornsby ( Named Murray)

Number 170204  -  Built 1934

Original Owner -Milburn Lime and Cement Co. ( 1934 - 1940)

Stored in Ashburton -

This locomotive was involved in building the Manapouri Tailrace Tunnel. An interesting fact is that it was an originally a 2'6" gauge locomotive and was regauged by the Blenheim Riverside Railway Society.



 "Murray" is primary used on the work trains but is fully certified to be used on the passenger trains. This is a solid reliable locomotive and proves its worth. 


Ruston & Hornsby 

 Built 1940's

Original Owner -Ministry of Defence - UK.

Sold to a English funpark after the war and used on an amusement Railway.

It was imported to New Zealand in 1984 and used at Footrot Flats fun park in Auckland (near the Whenuapai airbase). Footrot Flats modified it from a 3 cylinder to a 2 cylinder engine.

The locomotive was purchased in 2011 by John Orchard, President of Blenheim Riverside Railway Society.  Beaver is currently an interim favoured name of the locomotive. It is not in currently in revenue service because modifications are needed to the braking system to haul our passenger trains.  The couplings have been modified and air hoses fitted.

Further information has come to light about this Locomotive from a source in the UK.  Mr. J.  Brown  reported that the locomotive is known to have belonged to K Fenwick, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire in England.

It was given a 'steam outline' and was then operated by Leisure Track Ltd, Billing Aquadrome, Northamptonshire from 1980.
In 1984, it went to Alan Keef Ltd, Cote, Bampton, Oxfordshire, and was exported to New Zealand with two carriage underframes, presumably to Footrot Flats.

I have seen three major possibilities suggested for the identity of this loco (I have detailed histories of each one):

182137 built 1936 for Oakley Slate Quarries Co. Ltd., Merionethshire, Wales

226278 built 1944 for British War Department, Corsham, Wiltshire, England.

229631 built 1944 for British Ministry of Defence, Royal Ordnance Factory, Eastriggs, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

DH 3443 - "Onahau"

Another new locomotive has been aquired by Blenheim Riverside Railway Society. DH 3443 was located down the Marlborough Sounds on a private scenic railway.  

A crew went down by barge and retrieved the locomotive and are currently assessing what needs to be done to it for mainline running.

. The mission was completed with military precision with the safe transporting of  " Onahau" to the wharf, where it was craned onto the waiting barge to be taken on a farwell cruise of the sounds to Picton, and transported to its new home at the Blenheim Riverside Railway.

 Pictured are the members who retrieved the locomotive



  Diesel Railcar 


Our Railcar is known as RM1. It was designed and built in 1992 by Marlborough's chief engineer of the Picton Railway workshops.  Gary Coburn of Picton with the help of other volunteers from Blenheim Riverside Railway Society (BRRS)  It has a 4 cylinder Toyota diesel engine  and it is full of innovated technology. It has two bogeys and is powered in the middle with drive shafts in each bogey. It was the first BRSR Locomotive to have an air powered track sander put in which disperses sand onto the track in the front of the wheels to improve adhesion. 



Reference  Information courtesy of Blenheim Riverside Railway Society".