Blenheim Riverside Railway  

New Zealand

Award Winning Railway   


Come and Ride with us on the unique
and popular Blenheim Riverside Railway
 two of our terminus's. 

Omaka and Central Blenheim

Next running day 

Sunday 17th  June 2018

Trains depart from our station at Brayshaw Park  at the following times:
Brayshaw Park to Omaka Station return  ( Aviation Museum)
1.15pm and 3pm
Brayshaw Park to Central Blenheim  return  ( Beaver Station)  

Next Running days 

(All Diesel locomotive  hauled trains)

Public running days 

June 2018

Sunday 17th June 

July 2018

Sunday 1st July

Sunday 8th July             (School Holidays)

Wednesday 11th July      (School Holidays)

Sunday 15th July           (School Holidays)

Wednesday 18th July     (School Holidays) 

August 2018

Sunday 5th August 

Sunday 19th August

September 2018 

Sunday 2nd September 

Sunday 16th September

Sunday 30th September   (School Holidays) 

October 2018

Wednesday 3rd October        (School Holidays)

Sunday 7th October              (School Holidays)

Wednesday 10th October      (School Holidays) 

Railcar or carriage train available for charter on other days - please contact us to see if we can help you in your requirements 

- Please remember - subject to availability of crew to staff railcar and passenger train. 

We are ready for charters

Being an award winning Railway - we have an award winning team.  Pictured above is some of our dedicated and professional drivers. If you need to charter a train from us - please contact us. We have 5 different locomotives with carriages and a railcar to choose from - If you are a real enthusiast - you can hire a train with two locos hauling you.  

Go on - Make that Birthday party or Conference special. 

Charters Available outside these times or any other information - Please contact:

John (03) 578 1716 and please leave a message on the Heritage Education  Answerphone.

Update - 29th October 2017.

Today was the official first running day of our new locomotive              " Beaver 2"  Seen in the photo as a double header for the photo.  Please be sure to see more of our new loco being used on our rotation of locomotives. 

Above = Come and have a ride down the track to our terminal in central Blenheim.  A great way to treat the children or the Grand Children.  Please be aware we now have two Price locos - One green and one orange - Try and ride both trains - Kids will love the change.

Above - Beaver station is our termial in central Blenheim. You will ride along side the Taylor River and see many sights and sounds. 

On our railway, you have two choices for your journey. 

Brayshaw Park to Omaka Station - Omaka Aviation Museum.  (Carriage train or Railcar)

Brayshaw Park to Beaver Station - Central Blenheim.             ( Carriage train) 


Please Note:  Cash only.

We do not have eftpos facilities sorry 

Brayshaw Park Station to Omaka Station.

Adults $6 Return   

Child $3 Return     

Brayshaw Park Station to Beaver Station 

(Central Blenheim)

Adults $10 Return   

Child $5 Return        

There are also a range of Family and Combination Trip tickets available.

Discounts are available for larger numbers with charters.


Above amd below photos  =  If time is short and you are interested in aircraft - Take a ride on our Omaka schedule train - Cross the Taylor River on our recently opened branch line and see Sir Peter Jackson's collection of aircraft  and the Omaka Aviation Museum.

Photo above - Two of our four Carriage train locomotives.  Both locomotives are made in New Zealand by Prices in Thames. The blue locomotive has recently been a fully overhauled and repainted   

Photo above -Winter is coming - head on down the line with our trains every 2nd Sunday 

Above: Work train being hauled by our Ruston Loco - " Murray"

Photo above:  Cross the Taylor River with our Ruston loco " Murray" on the Passenger service between Brayshaw Park and Omaka Station. 

Diesel locomotive hauled Trains available for Charter. Give us a call.
Our Railcar is able to be booked for smaller groups  - subject to crew being available on the day. 

Come on board and be part of the Heritage Trail of Blenheim.

Charters Available outside these times or any other information - Please contact:

John (03) 578 1716 and please leave a message on the Heritage Education  Answerphone.

To see our Railway - Please click on the Link for Youtube and see what we have got to offer you.




 For current running days, please refer to our running days/Timetable

 Charters Available outside these times or any other information - Please contact:

Chris (03)578 3211 or John (03) 578 1716 and please leave a message on the Heritage Education Answer phone.

Photo left : Ruston & Hornsby (serial no 170204) ( Named Murray) makes its way back up to Brayshaw Park following along the Taylor River. This scene is repeated daily during the Christmas Holidays offering 2 return journeys from Brayshaw Park to the centre of Blenheim - Riverside Park to our North East terminal of " Beaver Station" The society also runs every first and third Sunday of the month.

  Who are we?

The Blenheim Riverside Railway Society Inc is a narrow gauge railway  (24 inch) in Blenheim, New Zealand. The railway traverses along the picturesque Taylor River  and meanders its way through the middle of the town. On this fantastic journey, the public get an insight to the changing landscapes and while crossing streams and the Taylor River, one gets an understanding of the history and diversity of the town of Blenheim. 

The Blenheim Riverside Railway is operated by  a dedicated team of volunteers, who can be seen throughout the week maintaining the track and on running days, presenting,  promoting and running a very professional railway experience, for the public.

The Society has members from all walks of life, from students, teachers, tradespeople and retired members with trades that allow the railway to continue to run without interruption, due to their dedication and trade qualifications. 


The Line  

The railway line climbs out of Brayshaw Park, allowing passengers to observe vintage machinery from the farming areas and then passes past the locomotive sheds, then descends under the Burleigh Bridge following the Taylor River, passing under 5 bridges in the southwest part of Blenheim, to Beaver Station, which is the terminal station.

The terminal is about 5 minutes walk to the Blenheim Railway Station from where the Tranzcoastal Passenger Express operates from.

During the picturesque journey the track follows the riverbank passing under mature trees and locals meandering down the recreation areas which is on the East side of the river and then crosses the river on a Blenheim Riverside Railway manufactured bridge, just before High Street and continues down, until it reaches the terminal of Photo:  Mainline from Brayshaw Station to Beaver Station.                           Beaver Station in the Central City.

The journey takes around 55 minutes to complete and is a length of approximately 5.5 Kilometres each way. Passengers will experience the thrill of crossing 5 bridges of various lengths and passing underneath the 5 road bridges, giving a tunnel like feeling. There are no tunnels on the track.

Photo above:  Built in the United Kingdom by Ruston in the 1940s and used for munitions work. After World War 2 it was sold to an English fun park and used on a children's railway. This is one of two steam locomotives we have in our fleet. The Ruston is an internal combustion replica steam engine and our "Real" steam locomotive " Donald" is currently under restoration in our workshop. 


Where is Brayshaw Park ?

From central Blenheim city, drive up Maxwell Road until you come past the A & P Showgrounds. 

Turn right onto New Renwick Road.

Drive approximately 100 metres and you will notice an old traction engine.

Turn left into Arthur Baker Place.

Follow the road and you will enter the park. 

An easy land mark to find us is the tall windmill which is the beginning of our unique 2 foot railway journey. 

Photo: Omaka Station. 

Come on - come and ride one of Marlborough's top tourist attractions in comfort and style. 

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