Blenheim Riverside Railway  

New Zealand

Award Winning Railway   


Rolling stock and track non revenue equipment. 


Two new carraiges have been added to the fleet. 

 As part of the purchase of the Matamata locomotive the society also purchased the two carriages.  

These are best described as "Toast rack" seating.  

These will undergo conversion to our braking systems and a through overhaul of bogies and change of drawer gear.  

Four carriages were built in 1989/90 with wheels from the
Lake Grassmere salt collection wagons. 

They are all the same design, 6m long, seating 24 each, except for car Four, which has an underneath storage compartment for tools.
All carriages are air braked.

These are currnetly being repainted and the bogies overhauled as part of our maintainence programme. 

Non Revenue Equipment 

Rail transportation bogies that can be adjusted for any length.

Seen here with a work train of rail ready to continue laying the extension to Omaka. 

Digger Jinker 

Rail transportation for our digger. 

This is also mounted on bogies so we can reach areas which are restricted with access and saves uu having to get a truck and transport the digger to our work site.

Work train wagon 

with all the equipment we need for track laying and maintainence.

The collection includes a portable generator seen on the left for power tool operation and welding. 

Shovels, picks, crowbars etc are a normal part of the Gangers tools and crew. 

Track Mower 

Build in house.

As part of our operation we mow the grass that our line occupies. 

This was built in the 1990's and has just had a major overhaul and repowered. 

By using the track mower we can save money on weed spray and be move enviromentally friendly. 

This mower can be usually seen being used midweek or saturday mornings.

Weedspray Wagon

Build in house in the 1990's. Has just undergone a major rebuild with new tank and pumps and spray booms - new photos coming - watch this space.

As part of our operation we spay the grass that our line occupies and the yards where our railway operates from.